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New Source Review (NSR) and
Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) Permits

When a facility proposes to install new equipment or modify existing equipment, the process usually requires preparation of a New Source Review or PSD Application Package, a California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) document, submission of a public notice, and review and selection of the Best Available Control Technology (BACT). In some cases, an analysis of the most cost-effective strategy for Emission Offsets is also needed. Emission offsets, which are required under New Source Review standards, are the amount of emission credits a facility needs to purchase in order to offset the emission increases above certain thresholds, resulting from installation of the new equipment or modification of the existing equipment.

The steps that must be taken for preparing New Source Review (Authority to Construct) application packages include the following:

Review of the existing permits and applicable regulatory and process information documents including emission control requirements and air permitting requirements to develop possible permitting strategies

Development of a database for emissions from the type of operation involved and selection of the applicable emission factors for the equipment category under consideration

Evaluation of the Best Available Control Technology (BACT) through an electronic data search within the local or U.S. EPA BACT/LAER Information System Clearinghouse (BLIS)

Performing cost-effectiveness analysis to help select the best control equipment for the proposed modification or for the new source

Preparation and submission of the permit applications for the different components of the new system

Dispersion Modeling and Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Review of risk management and prevention requirements

Issuing a public notice regarding the new modifications

Review of the emission offset requirements and analysis of the offset availability or offset exemption for the facility

Maintaining regulatory liaison with the permitting authority and conducting negotiations with the agency relating to issues such as methods of quantifying emissions, cost-based justifications for implementation of alternative control measures, and permit maintenance and enforcement

This approach results in considerable cost savings to the operation. It also ensures timely permit evaluation, compliance with regulations, and optimum design and operating conditions.

AQMS has extensive experience in New Source Review (Authority to Construct) permits for industrial facilities.

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