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Dispersion Modeling and Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

AQMS services in this area include:

Risk Evaluation, Protocols, and Control

Dispersion Modeling

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

California local air Districts have long adopted rules requiring control of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP).The South Coast Air Quality Management Districts (SCAQMD) Regulation XIV (Rule 1401) requires TBACT for facilities with maximum individual cancer risk (MICR) of ten in a million and include detailed risk assessment procedures to help determine the risk associated with new and/or modified facilities emitting listed compounds. Other Air Districts have similar requirements at the local level. State Federal agencies have gathered data on toxic emissions and have used the data to help prepare risk reduction measures.

Based upon the level of air toxics emissions, many facilities are required to prepare a dispersion modeling analysis and Health Risk Assessment (HRA) of the hazardous air emissions.

AQMS has extensive experience in dispersion modeling and risk management studies for the industry. Some examples include:


Petroleum Industry


Contract Sterilization


Paint Manufacturing Plants, Spray-Painting and Metal-Plating Facilities


Wastewater Treatment Plants


Power Plants


Industrial Laundry and Dry Cleaning Operations


Other Industries(Metals, Spa Manufacturers, Furniture Manufacturers, Container/Packaging, Plastics)

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