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Environmental Management Services (EMS) and
Compliance Audits

Now, more than ever, industrial facilities are required to demonstrate their plans and practices for compliance with existing and upcoming rules and regulations. The reason for these requirements include:


Local and federal agencies, whose compliance enforcement regulations are continually being strengthened


General public, whose awareness and knowledge of environmental compliance issues is increasing

» Companies whose reputation and performance depend on compliance with environmental regulations

End users who continue to tighten environmental compliance requirements for manufacturers as a condition for doing business

» Shareholders who are concerned with the protection of the environment, the potential impact of noncompliance citations on the company’s stock price and income
» The rising costs of environmental compliance, large penalties, and consequences of environmental violations

Many companies have well-established environmental policies and procedures which address current operational issues and requirements. The management teams of many of these companies are aware of the need to look beyond the present in order to anticipate and address on a proactive basis future environmental requirements and alternative strategies for responding to those requirements. An important concern, therefore, is how best to identify and analyze the range of strategic environmental compliance issues, and document the results of these analyses.

AQMS offers the following EMS and Compliance services:


Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

Compliance Audits, Recordkeeping, and Self Audit Programs

Sampling and Analysis Protocols and Source Testing Coordination

Expert Textimony and Litigation Support

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