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Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Development and Monitoring

AQMS provides the following storm water management services to the industry:

Preparation of Notices of Intent (NOI)

Site-specific Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs)

Storm Water Monitoring Plans (SWMPs)

Storm water training of client personnel responsible for implementing the storm water programs

AQMS has developed strategies for storm water management based on the following activities:

Conducting site visits to identify potential sources of storm water pollution and evaluating their significance

Identifying drainage patterns and discharge locations

Determining appropriate storm water sampling methods

Evaluating current storm water pollution prevention procedures

Preparing NOIs for the individual facilities for submittal to the appropriate agency

Preparing SWPPP, incorporating existing practices, and developing site specific best management practices (BMPs)

Forming the SWPPP team and assigning responsibilities to team members, and where necessary, designing structural controls

Preparing SWMPs by incorporating sampling schedules, sampling procedures, sample management, analytical requirements, monitoring steps, and reporting requirements

Training the facility personnel responsible for implementing the SWPPP and SWMP

This approach provides the facilities with site-specific storm water management programs and trained personnel to implement the SWPPP and SWMP, therefore complying with regulatory requirements. Numerous industrial clients have benefited from this.

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