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EPCRA/TRI Services

AQMS offers a wide range of environmental services from EPCRA/TRI services to environmental management systems, air compliance assistance, pollution prevention, environmental auditing, and database development services.

Compliance Audits (Data Review)
In 2000 and 2001, AQMS performed EPCRA data quality reviews for several industrial facilities, including metal, furniture manufacturers, chemical storage, and distribution.

Products from these services can include a materials usage inventory, detailed threshold determinations, and release estimates for TRI chemicals that were manufactured, processed, or otherwise used in amounts exceeding the applicable threshold. AQMS will use a methodical approach to all aspects of this effort, including use of multiple data sources to ensure that the materials inventory and threshold and release determinations are comprehensive. We'll also look at the full range of chemicals used at the facility in an "otherwise use" context.

Completing TRI Forms and Tier II Reports
AQMS prepares EPCRA/ TRI reports for industrial facilities to maintain compliance with EPCRA sections 302, 304, 311-312, and 313. AQMS prepares Form R and Tier II reports for numerous facilities and can help complete yours. We work closely with you and your staff, taking time at the beginning to identify the basic approach for efficiently collecting the data, conducting comprehensive threshold determinations, and completing the Form R and Tier II reports.

Maintaining thorough and comprehensive records, and documenting all calculations and engineering assumptions used for each reporting year, is important for ensuring consistent data from year to year within a facility.

Because of the importance of having complete documentation, AQMS will prepare a report explaining the approach, calculations, and connections between other records and the data reported on Form R and Tier II reports.

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